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So you can make the right decision .

As you keep scrolling, you will see the details of my three basic wedding planning packages. I’ve created these to make things easier for you guys, as usually one of these combinations serves the purpose best.


I’m fully aware that every couple, every person and every wedding is completely different. So naturally, you have your own unique needs when it comes to planning your wedding. If you haven’t quite found what you’re looking for below and you need me to tweak a package a little, don’t be shy to let me know! I will happily create a personalized proposal that includes exactly what YOU need help with.

I’m a huge fan of transparency and clear information in general, so you’ll find even more details about the services and pricing by clicking on the packages. Oh, and the prices are all including taxes, so you don’t even have to do the math. : )

Full Service Wedding Planning. Your Way.

Here you are, engaged to your favourite person and now you’re supposed to plan an entire wedding. But you have no idea how. Why would you?

Chances are high you’ve never done this before and let’s face it, planning an event of such magnitude is not an easy task. Especially when done in a foreign country with different customs, far away from your safety net at home.

Enjoy your engagement period without ever feeling stressed, uncertain, unsupported, or overwhelmed by wedding planning.
Know that a trusted professional is handling everything down to the smallest details to ensure your wedding day comes together exactly the way you imagined.

You just focus on the fun part and leave the rest tome. : )

Wedding Day Coordination. Your Way.

You handled the wedding planning yourself and now it’s finally time to enjoy the results of your hard work.
As the big day approaches you can’t wait to put on your beautiful dress and spend this special day with your friends and family, enjoying an epic celebration and having the time of your life with your partner.

Along with all the excitement, rises your stress level sneakily as you’re counting down those days.

By letting me coordinate your carefully planned wedding, you can let go of all that stress a month before your wedding, and wake up calm, confident and relaxed on the morning of your big day.

All you have to do is focus on each other and enjoy every moment of your long – awaited celebration. : )

Wedding Planning Assistance. Your Way.

You want to take care of your own wedding planning, but got stuck on a small detail? You’re running out of time, or need expert advice on a specific topic? Maybe there are certain elements of the planning that you simply don’t want to deal with, and you’d rather spend some quality time with your partner instead?

Sometimes all we need is a second set of eyes or an extra pair of hands to get things moving.

I would love to take the stress off your shoulders by lending you a helping hand and by giving you guidance whenever you feel lost during your planning process. Imagine the most daunting task that you keep avoiding…
What if you could simply hand it over to somebody else?

You don’t have to do it all alone – I got you! : )

Having trouble deciding which package would suit you best? Or maybe you have absolutely no idea what you’ll need help with? Let’s have a talk, so we can figure it out together. : )

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